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PHS eLearning Information

The Indiana Department of Education has approved Providence to offer a virtual eLearning option on days that school is canceled due to inclement weather. We piloted eLearning for one school year, evaluated it, and believe it to be a viable option for Providence. It is our intention to apply for the eLearning option through the Indiana Department of Education every year it is offered by the state.

While our intention is to use as many days as possible for eLearning, parents and students should still keep available the weather-related (snow make-up days) provided in the school calendar for possible make-up days should inclement weather occur during final exams or so often that the educational process is compromised. No set number will be given as to when we might consider using snow makeup days instead of eLearning, but instead Faculty will discuss the issues and concerns when the number of virtual days begins to cause complications in educational programming. As a general rule, two days of virtual instruction per class in succession (4 weather-related days in a row) are thought to be nearing the limit.

The following are guidelines for eLearning

  • Providence teachers modify their instructional plans and deliver instruction and assignments via Skyward no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day school is canceled. In rare cases some teachers may be a little later if they have three or more preps with little notice of the canceled day. Teachers post their lesson plans using the same template as they use on days when school is in session. Students should expect their classes to follow a similar structure as is used in a specific class in a normal school day.
  • When planning instruction and assessments for days when the virtual option is taking place, teachers will take into consideration that students may not have access to textbooks or other classroom materials. If weather is predicted and students have been given notice to take home class materials, students are expected to have materials at home. However, in the event that unexpected weather does not allow for students to plan ahead, teachers will not give grade penalties for students who did not have materials home to complete work for the classes following the day canceled
  • Faculty, Counseling, and Learning Support personnel are available from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. via email and/or other communication vehicles to help individual students with their work if needed. Parents and students should use teacher school emails to make initial contact.  Faculty and staff can be reached by email using their first name initial and last name followed by In addition, there is a general SOS line available for students and/or parents to report power outages or to seek advice in contacting teachers.
    SOS Contacts:  Mrs. Karen Schueler 812-989-6496, Mrs. Jaime McRae 502-648-9855 or Mrs. Emily Losey 812-406-6393
  • Students are required to turn in work that will be graded the first day the class meets after the eLearning day.  Except in cases where there are two eLearning days in a row, most of the time students will have a day in between to meet with teachers to go over information they do not understand.  In the case of consecutive days missed, students needing additional help would need to contact teachers the day before the next class meeting to request any accommodations. Students with special learning needs may contact the Learning Difference Coordinator or a Counselor for additional help if needed.   For any students who experience a prolonged power outage or do not have access to the internet, they may receive a one-day extension (the next day after the class meets not the next class period) to complete assignments ONLY if they report to the SOS line or make arrangements with the teacher on the day school is canceled.
  • In the case of wide-spread power outages, the school may decide not to have an eLearning day or may extend the time for all students to complete assignments.   In case of teacher power outage, the teacher will reach another teacher to help him/her post instruction, assignments, messages, etc.
  •  If teachers desire to use a virtual interactive class format where all students and the teacher in a particular class are on-line at the exact same time, the following schedule will apply:

Block One Classes:                  9:00 – 10:30
Block Two Classes:                 10:30 – 12:00
Block Three Classes:               12:00 – 1:30
Block Four Classes:                   1:30 – 3:00

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