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Providence utilizes MaaS360 Mobile Device Management to ensure security and policy compliance as well as provide access to recommended apps and documents.  A device must be provisioned with MaaS360 to connect to the Providence network.  Provisioning can be removed by the user from a device at any time, but doing so will also remove the user from the Providence wireless network, as well as remove other pushed configuration and access.  Provisioning can also be removed over the air by Providence, and this will be done when a student leaves Providence.

Below is a copy of the Providence agreement shown when a device is provisioned for use on the Providence wireless network:

By utilizing the network resources at Our Lady of Providence Jr-Sr High School, you agree to be bound by the following agreement.

Authorized Devices

Only authorized devices may access network resources. Jail broken or rooted devices may not access Providence networks. MaaS360 allows for detection of such devices and they will be barred from accessing the network.

Application Management

MaaS360 allows Providence to manage application access. Providence will use these capabilities to block applications only in the event that their use causes extreme distraction, safety concerns, or security risks. Applications installed via the MaaS360 App Catalog may be recalled in the event of a device losing provisioning, whether removal is initiated by the device owner or Providence.

Location Services

MaaS360 provides access to location services if so enabled by the student. (MaaS360 application asks for permission upon first launch.) Should location services be enabled, Providence will not use or access this information unless requested by a student or parent for the purpose of aiding in the location of a misplaced or stolen device. Location services require an active Internet connection to report to MaaS360, and there is no guarantee to the accuracy of provided information should it be requested.

Mobile Broadband

Data services provided by a 3rd party carrier must be disabled during school hours. MaaS360 has the capability of detecting devices with data services and can report unauthorized usage.

Device Initialization

MaaS360 provides the capability to remotely reset or initialize a device to factory settings. Providence will not utilize this function except by request of a parent for an unrecovered lost or stolen device. Data not prior backed up will be lost with a reset, and the action is irreversible.

Documents and Applications

MaaS360 allows Providence to make available certain applications and documents directly on student devices, and this function will be utilized to share recommended or prepaid applications and important information.

You will also be required to accept the MaaS360 End User Agreement upon registration.  The text of that article can be found at this link.

The following document was given out during registriation, and explains the steps for provisioning your iPad for use on the Proivdence wireless network.

Provisioning your iPad – Instructions for Students

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