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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Richard P. Tinius ’60

Richard P. Tinius, Class of 1960, brother of PHS alumna Rose (Tinius) Miller ’56 and uncle of Theresa (Miller) Ebersold ’76, Madonna (Miller) Moody ’78, Tonya “Toni” (Tinius) Brady ’80, Gayle Tinius Schrank ’81 (Lenny ’77), Robert L. “Bob” Miller ’82, Susan (Tinius) Malancuk ’86, Steven T. Miller ’88, and Laura (Miller) Cronin ’90, passed away June 4, 2020.
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William Stirr ex-’60

Bill Stirr, who attended PHS with the Class of 1960 for his freshman and sophomore years and was the brother of Ann (Stirr) Reed ’66 and Stephen Stirr ’80, passed away June 22, 2020.
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Leonard “Sonny” Combs (Hon. ’05)

Leonard “Sonny” Combs (Hon. ’05), member of the Monday Night Crew, father of Brian Combs ’76, Richard Combs ’77, Teresa (Combs) Day ’79, Edward Combs ’81, and Bridget Combs ’91; and grandfather of Adrienne (Combs) Chaffin ’01, Brianna Combs ’05, Brittany Combs ’06, Victoria (Combs) Baker ’07, Samantha Combs ’08, Brandice (Combs) Sutton ’09, Danielle (Combs) Cottage ’12, Carlie Combs ’15, and Hannah Day ’16, passed away June 22, 2020. Donations may be made in memory of Sonny to Our Lady of Providence High School.

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Terry Cummins

Terry Cummins, husband of PHS math teacher Vera Cummins (1973-1993) (dec’d.) and father of PHS alumni John Clint Cummins ’80 and Paul Curt Cummins ’80, passed away June 8, 2020.
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Paul Rainbolt Jr. ’60

Paul Rainbolt Jr., Class of 1960 and the husband of Barbara (Pfeffer) Rainbolt ’60 (dec’d.); father of Susan (Rainbolt) ​Jeffries ’80, Chris Rainbolt ’79, Mark Rainbolt ’86, and Beth Ann (Rainbolt) Roberts ’91; and brother of Jack T. Rainbolt ’65 (dec’d.) and J. Michael “Mike” Rainbolt ’72, passed away June 20, 2020.
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Patricia Frazier

Patricia Frazier, sister of Parketta (Sedwick) Cartwright ’70, Catherine Sedwick ex-’72 (dec’d.), Cindy (Sedwick) Ajatuaewo ex-’74, and Kevin Sedwick ex-’84 (dec’d.), and cousin of Shirley (Harris) White ’59 (dec’d.), Yvonne (Harris) Harvey ex-’61, Michael Kinnaird ’62, George Harris ’64 (dec’d.), Dale A. Harris Sr. ’65, David Renfroe ’70, Theresa (Renfroe) Cesar ’71, Rita (Harris) Deloney ex-’71 (dec’d.), Tony Kinnaird ’72 (dec’d.), Patrick Harris ’74, Chris Renfroe ’74, Oweeda (Taylor) Kinnaird ’74, Martha (Renfroe) Brown ’75, John Bonner ‘81, Ann Renfroe ’82, Kevin Sedwick ex-’84 (dec’d.), and Dale Harris Jr. ’88, passed away June 11, 2020.
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Margaret A. Kochert ’75

Margaret “Maggie” Kochert, Class of 1975, sister of Larry Kochert ’59, Ron Kochert ex-‘65, Jane (Kochert) Timberlake ’68, and Stephen Kochert ’61,
and aunt of Angela (Timberlake) Cahoon ’90, Stephanie (Timberlake) Hull ’92, Christie (Timberlake) Clare ’96, and Katie (Timberlake) Gardtner ’00 (Andrew ’92), passed away June 15, 2020.
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Ruth (Kleehamer) Adams ’57

Ruth (Kleehamer) Adams, Class of 1957, sister of JoAnn (Kleehamer) Struble ’58, Robert Kleehamer ’60,  Sharon Kleehamer ’62, and David Kleehamer ’67, and aunt of Debbie (Mattingly) Bauerla ’81, Ron Mattingly ’82,  Karen (Mattingly) Machiran ’83, Gerri (Mattingly) Flanagan ’89, Kara Kleehamer ’03, Andrew Kleehamer ’06, Jason Kleehamer ’07, and Craig Kleehamer ’12, passed away June 12, 2020.
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James Stemle

James Stemle, brother of Marilyn (Stemle) Jarboe ’56 (David ’56) and uncle of Judy (Stemle) Strange ’74, Diane (Jarboe) Tinius ’77 (John Jr. ’75), Cary Stemle ’78, Steve Jarboe ’78, Donna (Jarboe) Kimmel ’79, Debra (Jarboe) Reas ’83, and Angela (Stemle) Cash ’85, passed away May 29, 2020.
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